June 19-21, 2020
Hosted Online

Join us as we convene a community of innovators, activists, artists, and scholars from around the world for RadicalxChange’s second annual conference from June 19th to 21st. The conference will consist of presentations, panels, and workshops based around RxC topics such as Data Dignity, Quadratic Voting, Quadratic Finance, SALSA (self-assessed property), and Decentralized Identity. We invite local and global leaders and change-makers to learn how technologists, creatives, and academics are using RxC ideas to solve our most divisive social problems while building a future where power is distributed across diverse democratic organizations.


E. Glen Weyl

Founder and Chairman of RadicalxChange

Vitalik Buterin

Founder of Ethereum, RadicalxChange Board

Audrey Tang

Digital Minister of Taiwan, RadicalxChange Board

Danielle Allen

Political Philosopher at Harvard, RadicalxChange Board

Fred Turner

Professor of Communication at Stanford University

Marina Silva

Rede Sustentabilidade

Monique Evelle

Creator of Desabafo Social

Santiago Siri

Founder of Democracy Earth

Margaret Levi

Political Science at Stanford University, Director of CASBS



Ahead of the conference, we are hosting a two-week virtual hackathon together with Gitcoin to further develop tools for bottom-up experimentation with radical political economies. The hackathon includes a variety of challenges ranging from coding and designing to conceptualizing ideas about cooperative plurality. Winning projects will present their creations on the virtual conference stage.

The sponsoring teams include Democracy Earth, Idena, Gitcoin, Ocean Protocol, The Scheme of Things, Wildcards, and RadicalxChange Foundation.

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