Community Overview

RadicalxChange is an inclusive, open community that seeks to promote rich and meaningful connections across a wide range of people from all walks of life. We believe in diversity of opinion and representation across different ethnicities and races, genders and sexual orientations, religions, nationalities, and socio-economic and professional backgrounds.

We look at our community as a marriage of four basic ‘tracks’, across which we actively promote dialogue and xChange of ideas, passions, experimentation and building.  The tracks are: Activism and Government, Environment and Arts, Entrepreneurship and Technology, and Ideas and Research

Local Chapters and Meetups

RadicalxChange chapters are self-organized community groups working to build, experiment with, and educate about egalitarian market mechanisms. Finding or founding a local chapter is a great way to learn and contribute to the ongoing conversation. If you would like to start a chapter, you can start by looking at our Local RxC Chapter Recommendations, then read our Code of Conduct and fill out this formPlease note that RadicalxChange Foundation Ltd. does not direct the activities of local chapters.