A New Era

of Democracy

Participation, Innovation, Deliberation, Co-Creation

December 3rd - 17th - Taipei, Online, Denver

This year we have taken a different approach to the RxC conference. In the spirit of truly fostering participation, innovation, deliberation, and co-creation we have designed the event be a participatory conference - an Open Space unConference. This means that there will be no keynotes or panels, it’s about learning and getting stuff done!

The agenda will be created live by attendees present at the opening circle.

Through dozens of sessions and lunch you will have plenty of chances to present your ideas, ask questions, engage in challenging dialog, and make new professional connections. The Open Space unConference format is perfect for a rapidly moving field where the organizing team cannot predetermine what needs to be discussed.

Big ideas, concrete partnerships, and meaningful relationships emerge from Open Space events at a higher rate than conventional conferences. We are excited about Open Space as a path toward solidifying and growing communities of common purpose.

You can find out more about how Open Space unconference works here.

With the pandemic has come both uncertainty about being able to move freely in the world for such events, and a heightened sense of awareness about the climate impacts of travel for events such as these, this year we are also experimenting with a multi-event that will take place in three locations over three weeks in December.

December 4th in-person, Taipei, Taiwan, organized with g0v jothon - View details

December 10th online, Qiqo Chat (GMT) - View details

December 17th in-person, Denver, Colorado - View details

In addition to the in-person and online events, there will be an unique and never before seen 3-part program streamed LIVE the day before each Open Space unConference that thematically relate to the succeeding event, to inspire and learn, called RxC TV.

RxC TV - Day 1

RxC TV - Day 2

RxC TV - Day 3

RxC TV - Day 4 (Bonus Content)

民主新時代: 參與、創新、審議、共創 12 月 3-17 日 - 台北,線上,丹佛

今年 RxC 年會很不一樣,我們把今年的活動設計成一場以「參與者為核心」的年會,運用「開放空間會議」的形式,鼓勵大家共同參與、創新、審議與共創。也就是說,這次的活動裡不會有任何傳統的主題講座或對談,這場年會的重點完全擺在學習和把事情搞定。 年會的議程將會直接在活動現場圍圈圈討論,由參與者們自己設定主題。


跟傳統會議相比,在開放空間會議中能夠激發出更多有趣的想法、找到直接的合作夥伴,更快速地建立有意義的關係。我們非常期待開放空間會議能夠凝聚大家,形成一個擁有共同目標的社群。 你可以從連結中了解更多關於「開放空間會議」的運作方式。 疫情帶來了許多不確定性,像是我們是否能夠自由移動去參加這類的跨國實體活動,同時也喚醒我們在參與實體活動時,去思考跨境移動帶來的氣候影響。今年我們嘗試了一些不同的作法,在今年 12 月連續三個週末,我們將在三個不同地點舉辦 RxC 2021 年會!

12 月 4 日:台灣台北實體活動(與 g0v 揪松團合作) - 查看活動細節 12 月 10 日:全球線上活動(使用 Qiqo Chat 平台)- 查看活動細節 12 月 17 日:美國丹佛實體活動 - 查看活動細節

除了實體與線上活動外, RadicalxChange 也精心製作了一檔電視特別節目 RxC TV。節目將會分成三個部分,在每場開放空間年會前一天於線上播出,讓參與者可以更深入了解實體活動的主題、從中學習,並激發出更多有趣的點子。


This program is made possible with the help of our supporters.