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Plurality @ Schelling Point Bogotá Plurality @ Schelling Point Bogotá

Where? Gran Américas Pavilion

When? Monday, 10 October 2022, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM COT

This event will be free and open to the public. To attend and view the latest speaker list / full event schedule, see the Schelling Point website.

Interdependent, Cooperative and Diverse Complexity: Building a Plurality Agenda for Democracy & Web3

RadicalxChange Foundation and Fundación Karisma invite you to join us in learning, getting inspired and co-creating with us at our pop-up event at Schelling Point — Bogotá!

Since 2018, our communities have advanced a series of ground-breaking primitives — many of which have been widely adopted within the Ethereum ecosystem. Now, we are centering the narrative on a broader conceptual framing that connects those primitives into a cohesive vision: Plurality 🖖

Plurality is both a democratic agenda for the future of technology and governance, and a social philosophy based on the principle of fostering cooperation across diversity. Throughout the past few years, pluralistic features have been instantiated on multiple Ethereum-based protocols, ranging from governance, identity, payments, reputation and public goods funding solutions; and also by forward looking governments, and other innovative digital platforms.

At the Plurality tent @ Schelling Point — Bogotá, we’d like to highlight these achievements, and point the way forward to a path that can support even more complexity, diversity and structure, through novel and recombinant ecosystems at Web3 and other infrastructures of power, such as governments and grassroots movements.


Our day will go from 10 AM to 5 PM COT.

10:00 AM

Web3 & Plurality Brunch hosted by RadicalxChange & Fundación Karisma

Paula Berman ◖ RadicalxChange, Andrés Velásquez ◖ Fundación Karisma, Daniel Knobelsdorf ◖ RadicalxChange

11:55 AM

[ MAIN STAGE ] Plurality: Technology for Collaborative Diversity and Democracy

Glen Weyl ◖ RadicalxChange

1:00 PM

Exploring a potential wormhole between Quadratic Funding and Quantum Mechanics

Michael Freedman ◖ Microsoft

2:00 PM

Building Plural Tech — Lightning Presentations & Panel

Kevin Owocki ◖ supermodular, Christine Vandevoorde ◖ govrn.io, Aaron Soskin ◖ govrn.io, Guo Liu ◖ Matters Lab

3:30 PM

Plural Publics

Shrey Jain ◖ Microsoft

4:00 PM

Deep Dive on DeSoc

Puja Ohlhaver ◖ Flashbots, Special Guest

Why you should come

All are welcome to join, and we’ll be covering topics like:

  • Examining Web3 platforms through the frame of pluralistic, decentralized governance models.
  • Paving the blockchain/web3 roads to increased user agency, interoperability, political participation, and funding the common good.
  • Uplifting the work of activists, social fabric weavers, and critical voices.
  • Experiencing works of art as windows to connection and means of change.
  • Exploring use cases for community currencies, data coops, DeID systems, SBTs, and other pro-social technologies

More about RadicalxChange

RadicalxChange (RxC) is a global movement for next-generation political economies. It advances plurality, equality, community, and decentralization through upgrades of democracy, markets, the data economy, the commons, and identity. RxC connects people from all walks of life - ranging from social scientists and technologists to artists and activists. The movement is ever-evolving and always welcoming new people and ideas to make our social world more diverse, equal, and free.

More about Fundación Karisma

Karisma is a civil society organization that seeks to protect and promote human rights and social justice in the design and use of digital technologies. Founded in 2003, Karisma is positioned today as one of the main Latin American civil society organizations that work to promote human rights in the digital world.