Exploring Digital

Identity For

Decentralized Societies

Where? Qiqo Chat, Online

When? August 16th & 18th, 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM PDT / 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM EDT

Protocols for decentralized social verification are a key missing element of the Internet. In the absence of broadly adopted open standards, so far this role has largely been filled by big technology organizations. Yet, the challenge of furthering open protocols that can support better and more scalable forms of digital sociality, greater local control and federation as well as composable and community-bound rights, is within reach.

This is a central theme for us, as many of the proposals being worked on with the RxC global community (e.g Plural Voting, Plural Funding, and Data Dignity) require some form of participant authentication to be put into practice. As such, recently the DeSoc paper advanced powerful new concepts and served to ignite important conversations around this theme within the blockchain space. Moreover, many other communities, such as the Internet Identity Workshop, W3C working groups and others, have worked on related challenges and fostered many of the innovations that are being used on the current web with tooling developed and ready for Web3 too. With this gathering, our aim is to facilitate a space for knowledge exchange, risk mitigation, and cross-collaboration across an extensive plurality of actors.

The format

There won’t be speakers, keynotes, or panels. At the beginning of each day of the event, all of the attendees will gather and co-create the agenda with participant-led sessions, discussions and workshops. This Open Space UnConference format is social technology meant to support in-depth dialogue and rich interactions, allowing for a full exploration of the topic!

Who should come

Everyone exploring these topics is proactively welcome, no matter what their level of experience or expertise is. Please join the event if you are interested in any of the following topics:

  • DeSoc & Soulbound Tokens
  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies
  • Decentralized Identifiers and Verifiable Credentials
  • Data Governance and Public Policy Issues
  • Regenerative Economy & Community Currencies
  • Web3 being applied to Governments and Governance
  • Blockchain for Good Applications
  • Proof of Personhood / Sybil Resistance / Anti-bots Techniques
  • Decentralized Identity Developments
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
  • Self-Sovereign Identity
  • Privacy Implications with AR and VR
  • And more! Please don’t limit yourself to these suggestions, and bring in your full creativity to co-create this gathering with us!


Each day will run for a total of 5 hours. We’ll start with an Opening Circle and Agenda Creation session, then have 3 hours of participant-led sessions and a Closing Circle. We will also have session notes and be compiling a Book of Proceedings.

Time: Anchored in time zones in the Americas.

  • Pacific Time: 7am - 12pm
  • Mountain Time: 8am - 1pm
  • Eastern Time: 10am - 3pm
  • Europe Time: 3pm - 8pm London / 4pm - 9pm Berlin

We ask you to as best you can to fully commit to being at the event for the full time.

Potential Discussion Topics

The agenda is co-created by participants on the day of the event using a process called Open Space Technology. Below is a running list of potential topics suggested by registered attendees.
  • Decentralized governance
  • Plural education with Web3
  • Decentralized identity projects and technologies
  • Applications and limitations of Soulbound Tokens (SBTs)
  • Local community development
  • Mechanisms for privacy in an open plural space
  • Sybil resistance: an analysis of Gitcoin Passport
  • Plural Quadratic Funding and Voting
  • Verifiable Credentials & Soulbound Tokens
  • Participatory art and citizenship
  • web3 UX
  • The sociological basis for identity schema design
  • Multi-dimensional reputation systems
  • Caste systems & discrimination online
  • Design for economic transformation
  • New governance & finance mechanisms for web3
  • Deliberative workers’ collectives (unions)
  • Building bridges and depolarizing between different interest groups
  • Preventive Blockchain communities
  • Plural standards for SBTs for data permission, social verification, and proof-of-life
  • How to apply Decentralized Society (DeSoc) ideas in West Virginia
  • Decentralized identity for quadratic voting and other governance methods
  • Trust graphs and network algorithms
  • Case studies in Decentralized Identity
  • Reputation models for DAOs
  • The role of identity/anonymity in the next chapter of the web
  • Social media content moderation for hate speech, extremism, etc.
  • Collective Urban Planning
  • How to solve initial cost of public goods
  • Global ID
  • How humanity can own and control their digital & physical identities
  • Data sovereignty and symbiotic society
  • Bridging web3 and “traditional” identity communities

Confirmed Participants

Ben Biedermann


Paula Berman

RadicalxChange Foundation

Erkin Coban


John Connell

Angela Corpus

RadicalxChange Foundation

Tim Daubenscjütz

Philip Delamore


Danielle Dougall

Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA)

Leon Erichsen


Shayan Eskandari

Concordia University | shayan.es

Debra Farber


Jean Hansen


Luke Hartman


Hussein Hashish


Jack Henderson

RadicalxChange Foundation

Felix Hilderbrandt


Ashley Hodgson

St. Olaf College

Jonny Howle


Bella Irons


Sebastian Jaramillo

rct.ai | delysium.com

Jamilya Kamalova

Blockchaingov.eu | kleros.io

Oliver Klingefjord


Aanjaneya Kumar

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune

Tetsu Kurumisawa

Blockchain Government Initiative Network | Georgetown CyberSmart Research Center

Lara Gülbüke Kınay


Jay Laurence

ReddCoin (RDD)

Skippy Mesirow

City of Aspen | Elected Leaders Collective

Najmuzzaman Mohammad


Jennifer Lyn Morone

RadicalxChange Foundation

Kenric Nelson


Puja Ohlhaver

Flashbots Ltd.

Kevin Owocki


Rashid Owoyele

Weizenbaum Institute and university of the arts (UdK) Berlin

Akinori Oyama

Max Peacock

Sphere Technologies

Matt Prewitt

RadicalxChange Foundation

Alex Randaccio

RadicalxChange Foundation

Robert Reddick

Tauxbe Data

Rahul Rumalla


Brent Shambaugh


Nirmala Shome

The Fabricant

Kate Sills


Deen Somally


Jay Stanley

American Civil Liberties Union

Magnus Surmann

Mitchell Travers

Soulbis Pty Ltd

E. Glen Weyl

RadicalxChange Foundation

Shuai Xin (Chris) Wong


Kim Yeaseo

Isosphere DAO

joseph beverley