The RadicalxChange Fellowship is a 10-week program that brings together mission-driven individuals and teams working on projects that aim to strengthen civil society and rethink public goods.

The 2021 program will explore four key topic areas with fellows: governance, property rights, data rights, and competition through interactive talks, networking, and mentorship. Our aim is to provide fellows with a platform and contacts to supercharge their projects to deliver meaningful economic and societal change.

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Introducing the 2021 Fellowship Cohort!


This program is made possible with the help of our sponsors Ocean Protocol and Streamr.

2021 Fellows

We believe that positive and comprehensive change is only possible through the inclusion of diverse voices and backgrounds. The selected 16 fellows, working on 12 projects, come from multiple areas of endeavor, such as activism, art, design, entrepreneurship, investing, policymaking, research and technology.

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RadicalxChange Foundation strives to empower people and organizations in the global RxC movement to grow their ideas and initiatives. Feel free to contact us (info@radicalxchange.org) for any RxC related matters, including consultancy work related to democratic innovation or institutional design.

Michel Bauwens

Vitalik Buterin

Joanne Cheung

Joe Lambke

Rhys Lindmark

Tom Lyons

Shiv Malik

Judy Mam

Maïmonatou Mar

Jennifer Lyn Morone

Puja Ohlhaver

Kevin Owocki

Peter Pan

Maria Pennanen

Matt Prewitt

Beatriz Helena Ramoz

Joel Rogers

Simon de la Rouviere

Nathan Schneider

Santiago Siri

Audrey Tang

Christopher Kulendran Thomas

Glen Weyl

Suji Yan

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