Govrn aims to make politics simple, easy, transparent, and accountable for users who have just made their first political donation or feel that they don’t have a home in politics today. We accomplish this by enabling Outcome-Based Donations for users to make contributions to politicians. Outcome-Based Donations allow constituents to donate money to politicians on the condition the politician meets a community defined Outcome or KPI (kind of like Kickstarter + OKRs but for politics). For better or worse, politicians are incentivized by donation dollars. Instead of fighting that incentive, we leverage the incentive and give everyone access to it, essentially allowing anyone to be their own PAC or Politician (what crypto did to banks, Govrn does to political parties).

By starting with Campaign Finance, we’re creating the platform and building blocks for the real movement that is starting, Open Source Politics. Open Source Politics is one of openness and transparency, meaning that anyone can contribute to politics in any way they see fit. By taking this ecosystem and building it into a technology platform that allows for Composable Governance, we’re able to change politics from a hierarchical system, to a decentralized network system. This brings ubiquity, competition, and innovation to politics and governance, a space that is currently outdated with all-time highs in dis-satisfaction and dis-trust.

Aaron Soskin

United States

Aaron Soskin is the Founder and CEO of Govrn, a campaign finance platform that uses incentives based solutions to help solve today’s most significant issues. Before working on Govrn, Aaron worked as a Management Consultant for four years.

Christine Vandevoorde

United States

Christine Vandevoorde is a civic data scientist with an environmental engineering background. She earned her M.S. at NYU’s Center for Urban Science and Progress, where she studied public entrepreneurship, machine learning for civic problems, and collective innovation in the public sector.