Big Tech companies like Spotify are notorious for hoarding profits and having unfair practices when it comes to fair distribution of its income - income that is derived from users and content creators. The data they create from users is often siloed and the people who produce that data have no access to it – can that be fair?

For decades now – big tech companies have exploited the data we generate online. It’s been difficult for ordinary people to access this market. And they do have a right to access that market - to become true participants in a market they help create and sustain. The results from our focus groups and initial surveys strongly indicate that people are willing to use new products like Data Unions to earn extra income streams. So we are advocating for fair access to create value, autonomy and revenue for ordinary citizens.

The solution is SonR Data Union. It will give easy frictionless mobile access to users who can simply click a button and allow their data to be aggregated and funnelled to a third party marketplace to be available to data buyers. Once the start up is established it will be a truly decentralised company with an exit to community strategy putting community at its core.

Monetising your own data should be as second nature as taking out insurance. Making sure your data is covered for maximum monetisation will be a new and exciting cultural and economic change for society.

The time has come for us to take a proactive stance. SonR embarks on its start up journey with a strong political strategy: forcing Big Tech to take them on or to join them in the fight for equitable solutions for users.

Tracey Bowen


Tracey Bowen is the Founder of CONTROLR - an inclusive, decentralized Data Union, a Data Researcher at the South West Creative Technology Network, Mozilla Creative Media Award Recipient, and Post Grad Law student – oh yeah, and Mercury Music Prize Winner (a very, very long time ago)!