RxC Voice

August 11, 2021

RxC Voice - a social technology for dynamic deliberation and governance

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Deliberative decision-making for your organization

RxC Voice is a social technology web app which allows groups to vote on collective decisions in a more decentralized way. It combines new governance methods from liquid, deliberative, and radical democracy so group members can share trust, ideas, and preferences with each other.

Using RxC Voice to make group decisions can help to:

When you use RxC Voice, you will discover fertile grounds for collective decision-making in your organization. Read more about the mechanism design to see how Voice can be tailored to fit the needs of your organization.

Mechanism design


The Delegation Stage determines who can participate in the decision at hand. In its default configuration, this stage results in a fluid delegation, and a matching fund boosts the influence of delegates who are trusted by other members of the group.

Default configuration

Other configurations


In the Deliberation Stage, the delegates collectively design a final ballot to vote on. In its default configuration, the Deliberation Stage uses a tool called to engage the delegates in conversation about the decision at hand and steer the group toward areas of consensus rather than disagreement. The final ballot is curated directly from the delegates’ submissions–a crucial detail in decentralized governance.

Default configuration

Other configurations


In this stage, the delegates express which ballot options they like best using Quadratic Voting.

Default configuration

Other configurations

Who benefits from Voice?

Companies and governments

Firms, nonprofits, and governments are the critical organization of our shared lives. Voice helps sustain and grow legitimacy in a rapidly changing world.

Internet and blockchain communities

Decentralization can be tricky. Voice helps coordinate projects that have no central authority or infrastructural point of failure.

Social movements (like RadicalxChange)

Activism takes a strong community. Voice helps dynamic groups identify unifying interests.

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