We Stand Strongly Against Hate Speech

Matt Prewitt

October 11, 2019

Over the past weeks and months, several people in the RadicalxChange community have been the targets of inappropriate speech relating to their religious and/or ethnic identity. Some of these incidents have played out on social media and led to apologies. Other incidents are not public.

We therefore find it necessary to make a strong statement supporting our colleagues and underlining the importance of respectful and thoughtful dialogue. A central part of our mission is to build new ways for people to embrace plurality–to collaborate and take group decisions in spite of meaningful differences. Intolerance, however, undermines this kind of work. Without fundamental mutual respect, both real and apparent, it is impossible to work through other important disagreements about values, politics, economics, art, and much else.

There is simply no room for impugning others on the basis of their identity. RadicalxChange stands strongly against hate speech and bigotry in all its forms.

Matt Prewitt, President of RadicalxChange