The Global Centre for Risk and Innovation

We are a member-run organization established on the premise that non-state actors need better digital public infrastructure. Just like how the g0v movement integrated social activism, civic media, and free software, and built digital public goods for Taiwan’s civil society to fork, share information, and form and signal consensus — GCRI is trying to build on and bring this sort of infrastructure to global civil society.

The GCRI platform fosters new horizontal structures of collaboration across science, industry, policy, and civil society in what we call a “Quadruple Helix” because we need different kinds of funding institutions, research organizations, career paths, and so much more if groups are to truly innovate.

GCRI empowers these local and digital communities with bottom-up tools and mechanisms to govern themselves and foster collective action in the governance of innovation resources. They can teach courses, broadcast content, organize events, mobilize collective action, crowdsource teams, and crowdfund projects.

The circular economy and ecosystem will be governed in RadicalxChange spirit with mechanisms like, Quadratic Voting, and Quadratic Funding via our tokenized rewards system.

We are also forming a working group to develop a SALSA-based framework for intellectual property rights, which we are calling the Earth Cooperation Treaty, as an alternative to the dominant Patent Cooperation Treaty.

If you’re interested to learn more, visit, follow us on Twitter @RiskCentre, and reach out directly at!

GCRI is the missing architecture of global governance, reimagining and strengthening civic technology in the name of radical innovation and empowered citizenries.

Jack Henderson

United States

After graduating from Princeton, where Jack Henderson studied economics and co-founded RadicalxChange Students, he is now working to bring about a future for global governance of diverse empowerment and pluralistic cooperation that can deliver flourishing for all. He’s a big believer in Hegelian synthesis and local knowledge, public goods, and people-public-private partnerships.

Saeed Valadbaygi


Saeed Valadbaygi is passionate about justice, human rights, social impact, sustainability, and good governance. With a background in political science and cognitive science disciplines, he researches and specializes in democratic institution-building, political economy, and the role of exponential technologies in responding to state fragility, financial volatility, and population displacement.