Hamilton helps organizations create diverse, cohesive teams, with a marketplace that organically cultivates trust-based connections. We are partnering with companies that are facing the organizational challenges of scale – large, siloed corporations as well as growth-stage firms expecting to increase headcount by 50% or more. Our solution helps companies move toward a cohesive and enjoyable working environment, by matching colleagues based on unique personal skills and needs. We apply automated technologies – community identification algorithms and data-driven market mechanisms – to create genuine connections among colleagues. This scalable approach helps fuel trust and teamwork across organizational silos.

Our approach creates a bespoke, non-monetary marketplace for one-off favors among colleagues. These favors bring colleagues together through ad-hoc interactions that go beyond workplace projects. By scaffolding genuine connections, Hamilton’s marketplace contributes to an inviting and collaborative working environment.

Hamilton exploits a unique feature of workplace connections to bring colleagues together. Members of the same company have existing affinities – an advantage that no “gig” or “on-demand” marketplace (e.g., TaskRabbit) could ever make use of. However, these same collegial relationships can also seem aloof – among co-workers, “favors” are irregular and isolated events. Unlike a friend who would amicably and compassionately help with an apartment move, colleagues would be more austere about making such a request.

Through Hamilton, we re-define ways of working to help organizations make the most of their intellectual and social diversity. Powered by digital technologies, we hope to lay the foundation for a more united and productive world that celebrates diversity.

Sidney Li

United States

Sidney Li grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and is currently residing in Baltimore. He graduated from Harvard College in 2019 and is a tech strategy consultant at McKinsey & Co. Sidney has a deep interest in practical ethics. He first met Glen Weyl as a fellow at the Safra Center for Ethics, and is writing an article on free speech on social media.

Allison Tam

United Kingdom | United States

Allison Tam recently graduated from MIT in 2020 with a BS/MS in computer science. She currently works at DeepMind as a research engineer. Her previous research was in developing machine learning methods for drug discovery. Having grown up in the Bay Area, Allison also loves hiking and spending time in the outdoors.