Public Goods x Cuba

Arthaus Artist Residency

With this online event series, Arthaus Residency aspires to introduce those who want to build a more sustainable future with technologies that embrace egalitarianism and decentralization, and generate innovations that help unlock the immense benefits of societal cooperation. We hope to achieve this through community building, education and action between civic leaders, organizations, scholars, innovators from Cuba and abroad.

The recent growth in internet access and technology use in Cuba has promoted the emergence of civic networks working around today’s most pressing issues: wide stagnation, financial destitution, and government centralization. Taking advantage of this current trend, we are organizing a series of talks, workshops and hackathons exploring next-generation political economies, as well as radical models for reducing inequality, building shared prosperity, and healing political divides.

Our talks will bring together mission-driven individuals and networks from around the world to discuss radical ideas on a more prosperous and decentralized society, next generation economies, and updated governance. Our program is an invitation to civil society to rethink current growth incentives & private ownership structures, and to collectibly explore new exit-to-community and cooperative forms.

Through our co-creation events, we aim to foster collective intelligence and global interdisciplinary collaboration and research, supporting communities in building infrastructure in a non-excludable and non-rivalrous way, as well as in creating open technologies that aid in working collectively towards a more equitable economy and in generating public goods.

Elena V. Molina

Cuba | Spain

Elena V. Molina is an educator, filmmaker, and cyborg currently living between Havana and Barcelona. Personally committed to connecting Cubans artists with the international art scene, she co-founded Arthaus, a Havana-based artist residency and art space.