Unbuilt Ventures

We decided to take a two-step approach to democratise venture finance because it was not feasible to bring two new ideas into the established ecosystem simultaneously. We have concentrated on sharpening the investment strategy as the first step and looking for clues for the next step. We have been weaving our investment thesis based on the learnings from the fellowship program. We achieved several milestones in these ten weeks. We published the landing page, completed the investor deck, and got an anchor LP on board. We are looking to start funding civic tech projects around the RadicalxChange community. We plan to invest in projects, especially around the DeFi area and continue to work with like-minded entrepreneurs to speculate our next step’s structure.

Sato Ozawa


Sato Ozawa was born and raised in the Greater Tokyo Area and earned his bachelor’s degrees in Policy Management from Keio SFC. Sato started his career as an entrepreneur who naively attempted to solve Japanese animators’ scarcity by implementing a currency system with reciprocity on a decentralized peer-to-peer network. Followed by a ten-year career as a graphic designer and art director, Sato resumed his serial entrepreneurship. He launched a sports apparel brand, a creative agency, and a fintech start-up. Then Sato co-founded “Unbuilt Ventures” and tapped into an investment career.