Plural Property

Plural Property (also known as partial common ownership, COST, or SALSA) is a new way of managing assets that is fairer and more efficient than those under capitalism or communism.

In Plural Property systems, assets belong to no one and everyone. An asset’s current possessor must self-assess and declare its value. Based on the self-assessed value, they pay a fee, which can be used to fund public goods, or distributed as a social dividend. If somebody bids more for that asset, current possessors sell it for their self-assessed value, resulting in more benefits for the public.

A group of Web3 technologists has come together to form an independent RadicalxChange chapter focused on bringing Partial Common Ownership Tokens to Ethereum. Learn more on our website or join the conversation in our active Discord.

In addition, RadicalxChange Foundation is collaborating with Serpentine Arts Technologies and a team of Plural Property builders to introduce partial common ownership to the culture and practice of artists and collectors. We are building infrastructure for the management of partial common ownership interests and helping artists experiment with this new concept for the stewardship of their work.

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