Open Questions

Below are some open questions we are thinking about this month. We would love to hear thoughts from the community:


Partial Common Ownership: What’s the best way to calculate “turnover rates”, i.e., tax rates on partial-common-ownership assets? Should they be statistical estimates based on similar properties; how exactly should they be arrived at? Are there other criteria to consider than just the rate of turnover of similar properties – such as the goals of the project?

Voting and Deliberation

Deliberation: What are the best ways of using LLMs in deliberation? What are the best examples of it so far? What are the pitfalls to avoid and where are the opportunities most promising?

Money and Currency

Money: What factors should guide thinking about the ideal level of “exit tax” in a community currency system? Relatedly, can we formally represent the efficiency gains that could result from an exit tax – based, for example, on the hypothesis that a marginal service is worth less to the globally richest bidder than to a local bidder who is not globally richest but more socially proximate to the service provider?

Data Coalitions

Data: What is the best way to organize meaningful collaborations / sign up campaigns on data activist issues? How to move from sign up campaigns to technical or policy change? Importantly: what are the implications of the EU’s developing rules allowing data producers to “opt-out” of allowing models to be trained on their data?