Plural Money

Plural Money is a variation on an old idea. Community or “complementary” currencies are a huge and underexplored design space, promising grassroots economic empowerment. But we think that new technologies can make community currencies a much more powerful tool than they’ve ever been before.

By (1) applying intersectional identity ideas, such as “soulbound” tokens, to creatively map communities, (2) using the currencies to purchase partial common ownership of shared assets (instead of traditional private property), and (3) setting smart transfer and exit taxes to hold value within communities, we think “plural money” promises an explosion of grassroots value creation.

Further Reading

Let’s Use New Forms of Money to Commit to our Communities - Matt Prewitt

Plural Money, Socially-Provided Goods, and the Principal-Agent Problem - Matt Prewitt, E. Glen Weyl

Plural Money: A New Currency Design - Matt Prewitt

Sovereign Cryptocurrencies for People, Corporations, Banks and Communities: Foundations for Grassroots Cryptoeconomy - Ehud Shapiro

Ken Suzuki — PICSY : Proposing a New Currency System Using Social Computing, Introducing “Plural Money” from Japanese Complex System Researcher - taka


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